Metal Manix Effect 

Introducing, brand new dust which will help you get a lasting chrome effect on your nails.

MetalManix is a dream come true for millions of women who want pure mirror shine on their nails. Create unique, sparkly designs on your nails.

Tempting and ultra-feminine Metal Manix is a choice for any occasion.

How to apply Metal Manix? – the same way you apply Mermaid Effect!

  • A first step is dusting dispersive layer of Sugar Effect gel or Paint Gel with MetalManix dust.
  • Rub it in with a circular motion.
  • Remove excess with a soft brush
  • Apply a first thin coat of shining gel – we recommentIndigo Wet Look. To make the manicure last longer put a second coat of shining gel.
  • Remove dispersive layer with Cleaner Super Shine Effect.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly removing remaining dust from cuticle area.

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