Mineral Base is an amazing, multitasking product, with its incredible properties it can replace 3 different products – it’s a base coat, colour and a top coat in one. It’s an opaque base coat – it provides a 75% coverage. This helps it create a delicate colour effect with an amazing glossy finish.
Using Mineral Base can cut down your work time even up to 45 minutes.

It’s much more than a classic base coat. Not only it can provide durability of the Gel Polish manicure but can be used as a standalone product. Thanks to a subtle shade, 75% opacity and amazing glossy finish. Yes- this mineral base can be used as a 3in1 product: base coat, colour and top coat that creates a delicate, shiny look. With its help, you can create a full Gel Polish manicure in just 45 minutes!

Good to know! The product has a very thin consistency but it will not spill on the cuticles. Working with Mineral Base is a pure joy!

Check out other shades in the mineral base product line: Mineral Base Sensual SkinMineral Base NaturalMineral Base Blush. If you need a product with 100% transparency, use the Protein Base.

Curing time 30-60 seconds